SMARTSTONE Enterprise is A Dubai-based group of companies offering solutions for asset management;
including Management Consultancy, Property Management and Real Estate Brokerage.

Our Vision

To introduce a new market image and customer experience on asset management. As such, in all times and in all aspects, be the best Asset Guardian of all properties we handle or manage on behalf of real owners.

Our Mission

To enhance asset’s value, reputation and return within each and every business transaction in a most efficient, sustainable and flawless business experience. Moreover, we strive to be a true partner to our clients, our associates and our community.

How it all started

After being a key player in the expansion and management of several multinational hospitality companies, Mr. Hesham El-Enna decided to collaborate with a group of like-minded professionals to do business their own way. The team dedicated their collective 90 years of local and global experience in management and finance to offer tailored, up-to-date and innovative solutions for different clients and niches with a special focus on hospitality as a core experience competency. With the solid experience of the long-established corporates, the enthusiasm and the freshness of start-ups, SmartStone Enterprise is there to redefine the asset management business.

Meet the founder

Hesham El Enna

Hesham El Enna CPA, CHAE, CGMA

Mr. El Enna has over 35 years of senior management experience, project management, finance, feasibility studies, market research, performance analysis/ monitoring, tax planning, insurance & risk management and talent development.

He was among the brains behind many multinational hospitality companies within several locations in Africa and Middle East such as Le Meridien (prior to Starwood acquisition) GUSTAR, Swiss International Hotels and Starwood.

Right before he started his own business, the last position Mr. El Enna held for almost 10 years was the Regional Director of Finance for Middle East Region and he was responsible for 50 operational hotels with a total annual turnover exceeding $ 1.6 Billion as well as 20 hotels under development.

Mr. El Enna received several recognition awards among which are:
  • Starwood Global Award and President Award in 2001 and 2004 respectively.
  • Academic and training awards from Ain Shams University – Egypt, Cornell University – USA, University of Illinois – USA and INSEAD University – France.
  • Member of the American Institution of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals – USA (HFTP).

SmartStone’s SMART Pillars

SMART Pillars

Not only are our organizational goals SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound) as any professional organization, but our core values are SMART as well:

  • Shared Responsibility

    Shared Responsibility

    Sustainable success needs a sense of ownership by all stakeholders. Following such concept, we collaborate with clients rather than solely offering them solutions in order to deliver best returns, enhance the asset value and ensure its up-keeping
  • Maintained Balance

    Maintained Balance

    We maintain the hard balance between being visionary real estate specialists and target-oriented professionals to deliver premium.
    Using our in-depth market knowledge and experience, we efficiently study your current business situation, goals and resources with an eye on the future implications and opportunities of all expected scenarios.
  • Adaptability


    Beside our full capability to establish new systems and solutions to serve our clients’ market needs, our services and work systems are highly versatile and adaptable to existing structures. Tailor-made solutions are available to each client according to the market dynamics.
  • Responsiveness


    In a highly-dynamic market like real estate, we consider agility and market responsiveness as great virtues of our unique business model.
    In all of our operations, we are keen on using the latest technology, modern applications and the sound innovative approaches in the business.
  • Transparency


    We believe that maintaining full transparency and integrity when dealing with our clients is the optimum way to preserve and enhance our reputation in the market. It is our key success factor and business objective in establishing a long–term partnerships with our clients, suppliers and stakeholders.
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